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Why do you Need Human Resource policies and procedure manual in your Company?

Human Resource policies and procedure manual is sometime referred to as the employee hand book or company policy. It is the stem of the company that provides for the treatment of employees in the company, in compliance with the labour law of the land. HR Policy and procedure manual must be reconciled with the labour laws of the country it operates in. For instance; if the company is in Rwanda, the Human Resource policies and procedure manual of such a company will be drafted in compliance with the Rwandan Labour laws and the company will not propose any policy that contradicts any provisions of the labour laws of Rwanda.

The HR policies and procedure manual provides the DOs and DON’Ts of employees in the Company. Normally, the HR policies and procedure manual creates a conducive working environment of employees. For employees to be bound with the HR policies and procedure manual, such procedure manual must be communicated to all employees and it is advised to be signed by each and every employee in the Company to avoid unnecessary ignorance.

For instance, in Rwanda, Article 100 of Law N° 66/2018 of 30/08/2018 regulating labour in Rwanda mandates enterprises with a minimum of five employees to establish rules of procedures of an enterprise and Article 101 of the same law connotes that the rule of procedure will come into force after being communicated to all concerned employees.

Elements of HR policies and procedure manual.

Below are some of the elements that need not to miss in HR policies and procedure manual;
• Introduction to the HR policies and procedure manual
• Objective and Scope of the HR policies and procedure manual
• Recruitment Policy and Procedure
• Orientation Policy and Procedure
• Probation Policy and Procedure
• Office Hours and Attendance
• Salaries Policy and Procedure
• Leave Policy and Procedure
• Staff Training and Development Policy and Procedure
• Performance Management Policy and Procedure
• Employees’ Conduct’s Policy and Procedure
• Disciplinary Policy and Procedure
• Grievances Policy and Procedure
• Employee Exit Policy and Procedure

Company CEO and owner should engage legal personals and professionals to design them HR Manual that establishes better working environment of the employees.

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