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The developing trend and new advanced technology has drove Consumer demand and Entertainment, Media and Sports transformation in Rwanda. Challenges have manifested themselves in the field of Entertainment, Media and Sports and realizing the best entity to handle such challenges that are established in the line of work associated in this field (films, plays, television, sports, music. advertising, gaming, social media) has also been a burden. MK Associated Advocates is now your best legal entity to foresee such challenges and provide you with advisory legal protection.

MK Associated Advocates has done an incredible amount of work protecting the rights of persons involved in film, television and music production. We protect the rights of leading singers, songwriters, record labels and producers in Rwanda.

We assist with contract drafting and interpretation, employment and talent agreements, general tax and financial planning, investment strategy, recommendations.

At MK Associated Advocates, we offer legal services to;
-film, television and music talent: singers, instrumentalists, songwriters, actors, playwrights, screenwriters, directors, producers, managers, authors, radio personalities;
-record labels and studios;
-film and television companies;
-social media influencers;
-telecommunication companies;
-media companies;
-sports league associations;
-professional sports teams.