Service Details


Construction sector in Rwanda is one of the developing sectors and it is fundamental to the economic development of Rwanda. This sector includes building (Real Estate) and civil engineering.

At MK Associated Advocates, we guide and advice our clients on construction laws and policies in Rwanda; including the master plans of the Kigali City, Districts and Towns. We represent our clients to the regulatory bodies under construction and Real Estate and we ensure that our clients are granted construction permits for the implementation of their structural plans. At MK Associated Advocates, we also negotiate construction deals and tenders for our clients in their best interest; this includes construction contract drafting and review.

In the field of Real Estate, we undertake conveyance in all land transactions; transfer of titles, Searches, Drafting of and registration of Agreements, lodging Caveats, securitization and mortgages, dealing and liaising with RDB and other government agencies. We also do real Estate management, draft tenants agreements, tenants demand notices on behalf of the clients.