Service Details


Under this area of practice we handle a client`s dispute who may desire to settle by seizing court; we file a case in court and handle it professionally until court judgment is pronounced. The disputes under this area range from civil complaints, family matters, land wrangles, among others over which we counsel the client, and handle law suits on their behalf. We have a good success record of winning cases at 80%. We also have professional indemnity, in case a client loses a court case. Our law firm strains it further to seek court injunctions and any other court order a client may require, that will solve his/her problem. The firm also handles inter-country Adoption and guardianship causes.

At MK Associated Advocates, under the area of criminal law, we defend the client and protect or fight for our client’s rights from the day he or she has been summoned by RIB (Rwanda Investigation Bureau), file transferred to the prosecutor, court seized for hearing or trial and finally judgment pronounced.

In civil cases, upon obtaining judgment, we ensure that the judgment is successfully executed, with help of the firm’s licensed professional court bailiffs.